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Metal Detector eXp 5000

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Technical Certificate

Already in 2006 the earth imager eXp 5000 has been tested and certified by a leading technical expert in Germany. 

The tests accomplished by the certified technical expert included field tests regarding detecting capabilities of ferrous metals, precious metals and cavities in different depths and took place at 3 different scan areas with varying ground conditions. The executed tests in all 3 areas has been successful.

During the various tests it proved its reliability and technical performances and finally was ready to conquer the market.

Technical certificate OKM metal detectors

3d scans made with metal detector eXp 5000 - Field tests and discoveries

Measurement of a tunnel under concrete


Tunnel under concrete - test area of eXp 5000

Field test result eXp 5000 scanned above tunnel

Tunnel under concrete soil - urban area 3d graphic of the tunnel in Visualizer 3d software - blue color indicates the void 


In this field test the eXp 5000 has been tested regarding the detection capability of voids. The place of measurement was a known historical tunnel system in the center of a city situated at about 6 meters below concrete soil. The tunnel had a diameter of 1 meter. The picture shows that the tunnel was visible on the side so the exact position and depth of the void was known and could be controlled. The tunnel was build decades ago, and is the overfall of a small lake so water flows through it.

The measurement should show in which way difficult soil conditions (tar, pavement, concrete, rocks, ...) can influence the measurement.

The tests has been made by a independant technical expert specialized on sensor technology and geophysical measuring instruments.

Scan results:

The void could be located successfully with the eXp 5000. The 3d scan image above shows the course of the tunnel (visible in blue color). The scan is visible in the video goggles immediately on-site. 

Later all measured data can be transfered to a notebook for further analysis. The position and size could be located exactly with only a few centimeters tolerance. Also the depth could be analysed in the 3d software Visualizer 3d.

Test item:
void (historical tunnel)
Depth: 6m
Diameter: 1m
Type of soil: concrete, pavement, tar, rocks)
Measure equipment: eXp 5000

Field test above tunnel

Great discovery in Middle East with eXp 5000

eXp 5000 detects valuable gold coins

Gold coins has been located from a customer using the 3d metal detecting instrument eXp 5000 with optional equipment Super Sensor and VLF emitters. 

The type of soil in his measured area was loamy soil. The gold coins has been located inside a stone in a depth of 3,20 m. 

By using the eXp 5000 the gold seeker can scan the underground to receive a 3d scan image. The 3d scan of the ground shows red signatures in the middle of the scan field, which indicate the gold found. 

The customer wrote in his email to us: 
“Again i scaned the measured area and in 320 cm i found 12 gold coins inside of stone. Also i attach its scans”

Detected item:
gold coins
Depth: 3,20m
Dimensions: accumulation of coins, unknown total size
Type of soil: loam, rocky ground, light mineralization
Measure equipment: eXp 5000 + Super sensor + VLF emitters


Gold coins detected by eXp 5000 metal detector

Gold coins detected by metal detector eXp 5000

3d scan above gold coins 3d scan of gold coins
Side view of 3d scan showing the gold coins in the middle of the scan. The red spot in the middle of the graphic represents the gold found.

Search of a gallery


This measurement has been made to search for a hidden gallery. In the photo an entry of another gallery is visible. The owner of this terrain wanted to find out if there are other hidden galleries in the surrounding area of this known gallery, where possible targets could be hidden inside.

The OKM team was been engaged to inspect this area with its geophysical measuring instruments and metal detectors. Due to the eXp 5000 and control scans of other OKM metal detectors another possible gallery could be located right in front of this known entry. The blue color visible in the scan image shows the course of the detected gallery and the aprox. size of the void.

Detected item:
Depth: measured depth aprox. 8m
Diameter: about 1,50 meters
Type of soil: concrete, stony, rocky ground
Measure equipment: eXp 5000 + Antenna for tunnel detection

3d scan above gallery with metal detector eXp 5000

 3d graphics measured over gallery - different views :

3d scan from perspective view showing a tunnel 3d scan of underground showing a gallery 3d scan of underground from perspective view 3d graphic of the underground scanned by eXp 5000
Perspective view Top view Control scan - perspective view Control scan - top view



Metal Detector eXp 5000


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