Metal Detector eXp 5000 Metal Detector eXp 5000
Metal Detector eXp 5000


eXp 5000 on-site

Beach detection with eXp 5000

eXp 5000 usage for beach hunting

 eXp 5000 with ddv system for beach hunting  eXp 5000 with livestream sensor for live picture

metal detector eXp 5000 tested in United States

eXp 5000 with Super sensor for precious metals

 eXp 5000 with gpr antenna 50 cm eXp 5000 with high resolution Super sensor
eXp5000onPhilippines.jpg eXp5000scanningonPhilippines.jpg
eXp 5000 with Supersensor used on PhilippinesLooking for buried treasure on the Philippines
eXp5000inLatvia.jpg eXp5000scannerinLatvia.jpg
eXp 5000 customer training in LatviaPreparing for scanning with eXp 5000 and tunnel sensor
eXp50003dscannerinLebanon.jpg eXp5000inLebanon.jpg
eXp 5000 scanning in high grass in LebanoneXp 5000 scanning within the briar (location: Lebanon)

eXp 5000 detail view

eXp 5000 main unit eXp 5000 carried around the neck and Super sensor

eXp 5000 main unit connected to the telescopic rod assembly - view from front on the control panel

eXp 5000 main unit carried around the neck with the carrying strap - here with Super sensor for high resolution scans and discrimination possibilities


3d video goggles of eXp 5000


Comfortable video eyewear of eXp 5000
with visual and audible output

The new video eyewear looks like sunglasses

Back side of control unit eXp 5000

eXp 5000 with carrying strap

Back side of control unit with its connections Carrying strap of control unit can be detached if not needed or extended/shortened


GPS receiver for gps navigation to detected treasure

Radar antenna of eXp 5000

GPS receiver can be attached to telescopic rod assembly GPR antenna connected on the telescopic rod assembly, can be exchanged for various other optional antennas
Metal Detector eXp 5000


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