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Here you can find the answers to all important questions which has been arised about the usage, features and characteristics of the metal detector eXp 5000. Anyway, if there is still something what you like to know about this gold detector please contact us by email or call our hotline: +49 3447 891260. The OKM team of experts will assist you to clarify all concerns regarding the eXp 5000. You can be sure that no question will be left unanswered. Also do not hesitate to contact your local dealer, who can support you in your mother language.

What is different between a simple metal detector and the eXp 5000?

The general difference between a simple metal detector and eXp 5000 is the integrated technology. Due to the combined technologies of radar components, gradiometers and metal detectors, the eXp 5000 is able to detect deeper than any standard metal detector. Another difference is that the eXp 5000 does not only offer an accoustical featback, it is able to create a visual representation of the scanned underground and represent it in a 3d image on a special software program. So it is possible for the prospector to find out the size, the depth and the position of objects and voids under the ground. The eXp 5000 is not only a metal detector, it also can locate other anomalies under the ground, like voids (tunnels, graves, chambers, rooms, pipelines, bunkers, chests etc.) as well as unnatural underground anomalies like wells, stones, statues, stonework or foundations or large water deposits under the surface.

What can I use the eXp 5000 for?

The detector eXp 5000 can be used for various locating tasks such as treasure hunting, archaeological work, industrial needs, metal detecting, gold detecting, tomb and grave detection, historical research, professional ground analysis and much more.

Can the eXp 5000 discriminate between different kind of metals?

Yes, there are several discriminators available. The Super Sensor can differentiate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals in high depth. The DDV-System is a high performing metal detector with visual representation which discriminates between specific materials like gold, silver and iron.

Is it possible to metal detect hidden treasures very deep under the ground surface?

Earth Imagers like the eXp 5000 are precise metal detecting devices which are able to locate objects much deeper than standard metal detectors can do. Even non-metallic structures like wooden chests, tunnels and caves are detectable. By using the metal detecting software the approx. depth of hidden objects can be determined.

How difficult is the usage of this professional 3d metal detector?

The usage is not very difficult but different compared to usual metal detectors. Anyone can learn how to use this device. You have to get familiar with the correct usage and it is of advantage if you know how to work on a pc. A free training lesson can be optained after arrangement in our company.

Since when Earth Imagers with graphical display are available?

The first professional Earth Imager “Localizer 3000” with attached graphical display and immediate graphic output has been on the market since 2003. In the following years innovative products like “eXp 3000” and its current successor “eXp 4000” has been brought to metal detector markets. A lot of copycat devices glut the market those days. The eXp 5000 is the top of the range of all developed earth imager products.

How to work with eXp 5000 to locate hidden treasures?

In general the principle of scanning and evaluating an area is simple. In the first place you “walk” over an area of any size. During that “walk” the gold detector scans the ground and collects underground information which will be pre-calculated and displayed immediately on the video eyewear of the metal detecting device. In that way you can see hidden objects and structures while still scanning the subsurface of your area. After transferring the collected data to any computer with the special metal detector software and some post-calculating advanced analysis are possible. That can be the determination of depth, size and position of detected objects, voids or other anomalies.

How metals are visible in the 3d scan image?

In general metallic objects are represented in red color in the 3d image. Such metallic objects can be ferrous metals like iron, steel or nonferrous metals like gold, silver, aluminium. These red color values should be surrounded by green or blue color values and should be clearly visible inside the scan image.

Do I really need a laptop to work with eXp 5000?

No. All measured results are visible in the video eyeglasses on-site. The laptop is only an option. The scans can be stored in the internal memory of the eXp 5000 and optionally transferred later to a connected pc for detailed analysis. You can also work only with the main unit, the laptop is not a must.

How do I get a 3d graphic of the underground with the eXp 5000?

Simply scan a specific area of interest with the metal detecting instrument eXp 5000 in the given manner. After a few moments you will get the image calculated by the device from your measured data.

How can I be sure if there is a metal or just a mineralization in the ground?

Some small mineralizations will be filtered out by some antennas of eXp 5000. Heavy mineralizations are usually not in red color, they can be visible in orange or yellow color in the 3d image of the underground. To find out between metal and mineral several control measurements are necessary to compare the measured results. By using the function Interpolation inside the Visualizer 3d software you can find out if the signal points to a possible metal. Other important hints are the depth indication, the color filter and the form of the signals.

3d scan image of mineralized ground 3d scan image showing a metal finding
Mineralization Metal

How does the vlf emitters influence my scan result?

The vlf emitters can be used optionally to the eXp 5000 to improve the scan results. They have to be placed on the surface of the ground in each corner of the scan field. They are a big help to locate metallic targets in difficult ground conditions and increase the depth penetration. So the gold seeker is able to find small objects situated deeper under the ground.

Can I find the depth of located targets?

Yes, due to the professional Visualizer 3d software for metal detecting instruments of OKM it is possible to analyse professionally the scan results. So you can determine the depth of located targets or voids according to the soil type in your area. The depth indication in the software is possible in meter, feet or inches.


Metal Detector eXp 5000


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