Metal Detector eXp 5000 Metal Detector eXp 5000
Metal Detector eXp 5000


The 3d earth imager eXp 5000 has many advantages compared to other metal detectors or geophysical instruments.


Easy menu navigation
High performance- processor
Precise sensors
Large memory
Exact GPS integration
Facile handling

 Better than ever!

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eXp 5000 with visual metal detector for beach prospecting

eXp 5000 with visual detector system

eXp 5000 with gpr antenna for detecting voids and metals Integrated technology:
  • optimal device for professional treasure hunters, archaeologists and ground research companies
  • penetration depth high beyond usual metal detectors
  • detection of metals, cavities, gold and buried objects like e.g. boxes, tanks, chests, vases and others 
  • detection of underground anomalies such as walls, foundations, statues, ancient tombs, excavations
  • discrimination of ferrous metals and precious metals with Super sensor
  • accurate discrimination of gold, silver, iron and aluminium with optional connectable DDV system (antenna for metal discrimination)
  • GPS navigation can be switched on/off
  • optimal menu navigation visual/audio
  • high data storage capacity of integrated pc module
  • 3d groundscan with Livestream sensor possible for high resolution scans
  • larger scan areas can be recorded so you can scan one large area at one time
  • automatic antenna identification and memory of connected antenna
  • live scanning of the underground with the livestream sensor
  • visual representation immediately on-site in video eyewear
Compared to the other earth imager product eXp 4000 the eXp 5000 has the following advantages:

Characteristics eXp 4000 eXp 5000
Picture of control unit

Main unit of metal detecting instrument eXp 4000

Main unit of eXp 5000 metal detecting instrument

Display of scan results Colored mini-monitor Colored video eyewear
GPS navigation No Yes (can be switched on/off)
Live view No Livestream sensor for live scans and 3d ground scans
Data memory 10 scan areas 100 scan areas
Discrimination of ferrous/nonferrous metals Yes with Super sensor Yes with Super sensor
Discrimination of iron, gold, silver, aluminium Yes with DDV system Yes with DDV system
Resolution Standard 4x better resolution than eXp 4000 by using the livestream sensor
Time/date settings Preset in factory Individual adjustment to local time
Automatic sensor identification Yes Yes + antenna identification stored in each file name (scan image)


In 2008 the earth imager eXp 5000 has been completely revised by a small team of selected OKM specialists and so has been much improved and upgraded again to offer the best up to date technology to OKM customers. In this way the manufacturer can guarantee that the newest technology is integrated in the metal detector and geophysical instrument.

The following changes and improvements has been done:

  • carrying strap for control unit (better handling, if used with vertical antennas no telescopic rod assembly is necessary)

  • GPS receiver can be connected / disconnected from the control unit (can be clipped on the telescopic rod assembly or on the carrying strap)

  • Faster processor and so faster sending out of impulses in Ground Scan mode : better resolution of scan image because of higher number of impulses

  • Livestream antenna can be used also in Ground Scan mode: advantage : 4 x better resolution of 3D scan image than eXp 4000 (because of 4 integrated sensors of the livestream antenna) 

  • Automatic antenna authentication, only the operating modes will be displayed, which can be used with the currently connected antenna, if no antenna is connected, no operating mode (except Browse Scans, Settings) will be displayed

  • Connected antenna will be memorized behind the name of the measurement, and so you will know later which antenna has been used for every scan, this information is also visible in the Visualizer 3d software

  • Data storage up to 100 scan images possible

  • FS-Thermoscan can be connected for infrared images in 3d


Metal Detector eXp 5000


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