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Metal Detector eXp 5000


Due to the many optional accessories the earth imager eXp 5000 can be adapted to your personal searching needs. An individual package can optimize your personal work. Here you can find a short description of all the accessories which are available for the gold detector eXp 5000.

GPR antennas (25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm)

These horizontal gpr antennas can be used for measurement in different areas to locate metals, voids, water or underwater. They are used in the Ground Scan mode to receive a 3d image of the underground. They are available in different sizes which will optimize the scanning method. The gpr antenna 25cm is specially interesting for searchers who have to scan areas with difficult access. This smallest antenna is used for detailed research, to detect small objects. The scanning process is longer because of the small sized antenna and so the small area it covers, but very suitable to search in uneven terrain. The gpr antenna 50cm is a compact antenna suitable for most measurement procedures. This antenna is included in the basic package of eXp 5000. The larger gpr antennas of 75 and 100 cm are used to scan large areas, to get a fast overview about the complete terrain.

Radar antennas for ground measurement with eXp 5000

DDV system (antenna for metal discrimination)

The DDV system is a visual detector system to discriminate between different type of metals. So it is possible to find out if there is iron, gold, silver or alumium under the ground. You can adjust the metal detector to certain materials to filter out other metals which you don't like to detect. Than the detector will only react on the selected metal. For example it can be adjusted on silver to filter out all other materials like iron or gold. 

This metal detector is important to avoid digging for nonprecious metals or other material which you are not looking for. The metal detector find the targets and give the information via a audible sound over the headphones and also visually via the video goggles.

metal detector of eXp 5000 for discrimination of metals 

Antenna for tunnel detection

This antenna is a high resolution sensor which is specially optimized on the research and detection of hidden voids like tunnels, rooms, chests, tombs, graves and others. You can receive a 3d underground image with this antenna, where voids are represented in particulary and with high resolution. Metals will also be visible in the scan image, but are not the main focus of this sensor.

The antenna for tunnel detection is a 50cm vertical probe which can be carried in the hand. So it is very practicable in various terrains also in uneven grounds.

The antenna for tunnel detection is a must for all seekers who wants to look for cavities, bunkers, tunnel systems, tombs and graves, treasure chambers, chests, boxes or non-metallic targets like vases or hollow-ware.

Antenna for tunnel and cavity detection for tombs, graves, treasure chambers

Super sensor

The Super sensor can be used for high resolution ground scans (3d images) and for discriminating between ferrous (e.g. iron, steel) and nonferrous metals (e.g. gold, silver) in high depth. The Super sensor is a multi task sensor which can be used in the operating modes Magnetometer, Ground Scan and Discrimination. This one meter vertical probe is specialized on detecting precious metals and can locate small sized metals deeper than the gpr antennas. Also it can discriminate between precious metals(e.g. gold, silver) and ferrous metals (iron) deeper than the DDV system, to avoid useless diggings in high depth. Because of the integrated sensor technology it offers good results even in hard, salty or mineralized soils. 

This one meter vertical probe can be hold in your hand easily and so is easily usable in areas with difficult access (bushes, trees, rocks) or uneven ground (stones).

The Super sensor is an absolute must for all professional treasure seekers and gold prospectors.

Super sensor for high resolution scans and discrimination of precious metals and ferrous metals

Livestream sensor

The livestream sensor allows the searcher to see live into the ground. What's hidden for the human eye becomes visible with the livestream sensor. All burried objects, voids and underground anomalies are visible in real time via the video goggles while walking over the ground. You can walk in any direction you like, there is not fixed way to scan the underground. 

The livestream sensor is the easy and fast way to find every treasure.

Find your treasure with the LIVE IMAGE feature of the gold detector eXp 5000!

livestream antenna for live image of the underground


The Thermoscan is a long range device which recognize differences of temperatures on the surface of the ground. Due to this infrared measurement it is possible to locate voids like tunnels, treasure chambers, bunkers or caves under the ground. 

Combined with the metal detector eXp 5000 the Thermoscan can make a 3d image of a special place, without the need to walk over this specific area. So it is possible to scan walls, rock faces or other terrains to which you do not have any access.

Thermoscan for infrared measurements to find voids

VLF emitter system (4 pieces)
(not available anymore)

The VLF emitters can be placed on each corner of your scan area to improve the measured results and increase the depth. So it is possible to locate small metals deeper under the ground than without these emitters. Additionally this system improves your scan result. All located metals under the ground will be visible more clearly in the three-dimensional graphic. 

vlf senders to detect metals and improve measurement results of eXp 5000


Metal Detector eXp 5000


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