Metal Detector eXp 5000 Metal Detector eXp 5000
Metal Detector eXp 5000

Gold and treasure detector eXp 5000

Pharao statue detected with metal detector eXp 4000The eXp 5000 is one of the best metal detectors available from OKM's "Future Series", a line of high end metal detectors and ground scanners with graphical 3d capabilities to visualize hidden underground objects. Whether it is gold, silver or simply iron the Earth Imager "eXp 5000" detects deeper than simple metal detectors.

Made in Germany - built with German precision

Made by OKM Locating Technology - one of the largest manufacturer of metal detectors and professional metal detecting instruments

Brand NEW : eXp 5000 Gold Edition - The ultimate All inclusive package for all treasure hunters.

gold pyramid

Includes all important features, for optimal detecting results during the treasure hunting on-site like e.g.:
- Supersensor for deep buried precious metals like gold or silver
- DDV system as additional detector system for metal discrimination of gold, silver or iron
- Extra battery pack for longer working possibilities

Find gold bars, gold coins, statues made of gold and other treasures and valuable artifacts!


3d metal detector eXp 5000 - view from video eyewear


eXp 5000 with Super sensor antenna for high resolution scans Video goggles of eXp 5000 for seeing into the ground metal detector main unit with telescopic rod assembly for radar antenna metal detector eXp 5000 in the field used with the Super sensor
adonis statue OKM company


The gold detector eXp 5000 is specially made for the following purposes: 

metal detection
professional treasure hunting
archaeological work
gold hunting
grave and tomb localization
industrial needs
underground surveys
geophysical work


Treasure localisation
Radar components 
Exact metal discrimination
Accurate scanning
Scan image in 3d
Unreachable depths
Relic hunting
Excellent resolution

Visualizer 3d metal detector software

3d scan with metal detector eXp 5000

3d scan images of the underground showing voids and metals

Professional 3d imaging software to visualize the underground and its buried treasures, chests, hidden rooms or underground chambers. This 3d metal detector software is for professional analysis of the measured data on a pc. The 3d software of the multi-task metal detector eXp 5000 is a must for archaeological explorations and treasure expeditions. 

3d scan image of metal box scanned with eXp 5000

3d scan images of underground
Visualize buried targets and voids
Analyse exact position and depth
Locate accurate anomalies
Multi-lingual software

Gold coins discovery in Middle East
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Gold coins discovery in Middle East with eXp 5000 treasure detector

 Deep search up to 80 feet with 3d metal detector eXp 5000. Thousands of rings, coins, jewelry and hidden treasures still wait to be discovered. Find buried treasure - gold - silver - precious metals - tunnels or tombs with 3d earth imager eXp 5000.

Click here to see metal detector accessories for eXp 5000
Super sensor - Antenna for tunnel detection - Antenna for metal discrimination - livestream antenna - GPR antennas and much more

Metal detector basic or pro packages available for basic or professional use! Or the gold edition package optimized for gold seekers and treasure hunters!



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Metal Detector eXp 5000


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